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The ADVP is a trade body representing U.K. and EEA based companies involved in the electronic validation of documents.

Identity Document Fraud Intelligence and its Benefit to UK Society

ADVP Mission

To promote the wider use of risk based electronic validation of identity documents across the public and private sectors.

ADVP Objectives

  • Support and develop a Good Practice Guide(s);
  • Contributing to the development of policy and legislation on the use of identity document validation technologies;
  • Developing working relations with HM Government supervisory and law enforcement bodies;
  • Sharing appropriate intelligence with HM Government and law enforcement agencies; and
  • Working with HM Government to plan and deliver a wider communication strategy on the benefits of electronic identity document validation

Strategy and priorities to achieve the mission and objectives

Given the incredibly diverse usage for identity document validation – from opening bank accounts to renting cars to checking a person’s eligibility to work or rent a house – it is imperative that the work of the ADVP focuses on the issues that help it achieve the mission and as many objectives as is feasible as well as give the most benefit to the majority of members.