Liaison Officer Update

ADVP Liaison Officer – Members update newsletter: May 2020

Dear ADVP member, 

I hope you are staying safe and well. The ADVP continues to be active and work on behalf of its membership.

A committee meeting was held remotely on 19 May. The agenda is circulated with this note, and the minutes will be uploaded to the website in due course.

I previously reported that we are exploring the case for an independent academic study into the value of intelligence derived from identity document checks conducted by the private sector in the UK. Following engagement with the research and development company Trilateral, they have provided a statement of work and quote for an initial study commissioned by us. As there is no relevant project work and funding currently available in the market, commissioning an initial piece of work will provide a product that can be used in its own right and could be used to seek further funding a larger research and academic piece. This was discussed by the committee who agree to the value of the work in principle. However, before commissioning Trilateral, they would like to see if there are any other viable organisations who could offer alternatives to the Trilateral quote. I am currently engaged with Alastair Traherne at GDS and the London School of Economics for an alternative option. I will keep you updated.

Right to Work post Covid19 – A consultative paper written by our Chair Tony Machin, that sets out our industry view on the current temporary changes to checking, and the future return to business as usual position, was discussed by the committee. This paper has been agreed and is produced as an intelligence bulletin. A copy is circulated with this update and will be available on our website. It can be further circulated and used by members as appropriate.

It was agreed that the development, publication and circulation of intelligence bulletins, is an effective way to demonstrate our industry view. The next bulletin is being developed and this will be about Brexit and its impact on document checking. If any member has a topic that could be appropriate for a bulletin and/or would like to contribute to developing a bulletin, then please let me know.

GPG45 – GPG45 is currently being talked about in some government circles as the framework for standards in the future, a sub working group was formed to consider the ability for our members to comply with the guidance and whether we should proactively engage with the government. An update was provided, and a discussion took place. It was concluded that GPG45 remains nothing more than general guidance at this time and the ADVP position should be to maintain a watching brief and engage if and when appropriate, particularly in relation to requirements that we currently cannot comply with such as training. If any member has concerns or insights into GPG45 that they would like to share, then please contact me.

Amberhill/NDFU – we are maintaining contact with both Amberhill and the National Document Fraud Unit (NDFU). The final draft of the data sharing agreement with Amberhill has been re-written and the work of the team has been affected by both a reduction in resources and the focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they are still very committed to working with the ADVP and data sharing. The NDFU has also been impacted by the situation caused by COVID-19 and developments in our relationship are slow. However, data sharing continues and is evolving, and the first tactical intelligence sharing meeting is due to take place before the end of May.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 16 June 2020.

Alan Gooden

ADVP Liaison Officer