Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
In order to facilitate continued right to work checks during the restrictions in place due to COVID 19, the Home Office have made a temporary adjustment to the permitted process for confirming an applicant’s right to work in the UK.  
 There are key elements to this including the temporary removal of the face to face check and not having to see the original document. Please read this document as it also refers to what will happen when the COVID 19 measures are over.
 We will continue to monitor the situation and engage with contacts at the Home Office, and will circulate anything of relevance.
 I hope that you and your family stay safe during these difficult times. 

Here you will find information about latest findings from our Chair and Liaison Officer,  and other useful documents related to Document Fraud.

Communication to the members

It is clearly important that the members of the ADVP believe it is truly acting in their best interests at all times.  The Committee operates with complete transparency in regard to the matters it is addressing (subject to any confidentiality imposed by external agencies) and communicates regularly with members.

Next Meeting:

10th June 2021